Culture Smashes Absenteeism

Do you know how company culture can smash absenteeism? Over the last few years I have worked with an Australian client in manufacturing / engineering / distribution sector and in September 2018 we used a recently published Harvard Business model to identify existing and future, culture strategy based on two dimensions of

We settled on a “top three”

  1. Caring
  2. Enjoyment
  3. Results

Absenteeism across Australia is reportedly running at circa 9.6 days per employee per annum.

My client has an average absenteeism of 4.6 days per employee per annum across last three years. More than HALF the national average.

When you walk about the place it is clear to see and hear that an environment where people feel cared for and enjoy working, optimises the determination to achieve great results.

Making this culture part of talent recruitment, performance development and retention, they are building a great business.

Talk to me today about how to develop your company culture and smash absenteeism!