Developing great leaders means that firstly, you must know yourself…

You can’t improve on something you don’t understand – Vince Lombardi

As an MBTI certified practitioner, I can help you understand yourself and do the same for each of your team.

  • Establish how to work most effectively together as a leadership team and as leaders of their teams
  • Role-modelling agile, emotionally intelligent leadership as a behaviour not simply a job title
  • Influencing others to demonstrate leadership, and everyone to become active participants in the business and not simply onlookers.

As a relentlessly passionate expert and advocate I have created the SafeCulture Performance Leadership™ program.

This program has been developed by a collaboration of industry and leadership development professionals. The content provides real commercial value to the workplace and practical benefits in terms of personal development. It is:

  • Portable across all leadership job roles and sectors
  • Teaches leadership as a behaviour not simply a job title

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Improve the performance of your people, teams and organisation with the world’s most trusted personality instrument, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Developing Great Teams

As an MBTI certified practitioner, team development and leadership expert, I can help you understand yourself, your team and how to work effectively together...

Strategic HR

Build a great team of talented people who understand and engage their skills and behaviours to deliver sustainable competitive advantage by continuous performance improvement