Embrace Change

Change is inevitable, but how often do we get it right?

When business owners, CEO’s and Board’s need to deliver on a current strategy, making it actually happen can be fraught with obstacles.  This is especially so for small to medium-sized businesses, who face the same demands as a larger business but without the resources to deliver.

Getting the right staff in place to deliver the strategy or project is usually the starting point

But all too often a stumble at this first block jeopardises the whole process before you’ve begun!

Knowing you need fresh talent, but faced with resourcing constraints, medium-sized businesses typically fall into the trap of deciding to recruit from in-house, turning to existing staff.

It may seem attractive initially – you know the people, they know your business which eliminates any need to invest in development.  It feels easy, fast – and cheap!  You feel like you’ve dodged risky decisions that always accompany recruitment and you’re in control.

But soon things don’t seem to be going quite so well

Your project is progressing slowly, it’s hard to keep it on track and sight of the outcomes is getting fuzzy.  You’re not seeing the significant change or sustainable improvements that this strategy was supposed to deliver.  Eventually the motivation to give great results wanes, and with it, your credibility with your team and the Board…

The consequences of not getting the right talent in place from the start can be significant.

Good people feed off each other and produce great results

Once your team isn’t delivering, you can be sure your best talent will be looking to jump to that organisation that does embrace change with them as part of it!

Every business needs to jump hurdles, to adapt and make changes as they grow.  But making the decision to surround ourselves with the right people, can make those obstacles seem more like a clear path to success.