Mentoring and coaching has been invaluable for me

The key lesson I learned from having a mentor and being a mentor is the importance of remaining coachable for life.

I run “Mentor-loop” mentoring programs, uncovering and sharing the hidden knowledge and experience lying dormant in your like-minded network.

I am both mentored and a mentor and I am a passionate advocate for mentoring relationships of many forms and levels of formality. Mentoring and coaching develops all participants; Mentor and mentee. Coach and coachee.

I am a brave, sensitive and relentlessly honest mentor in all areas of commercial HR, business and personal development.

In 2016 I was selected as a mentor for the Australian Human Resource Institute mentoring program

The aim of this program is to facilitate mentoring relationships so I can share advice, knowledge and experiences with mentees resulting in a mutually beneficial professional development relationship.

As an AHRI mentor I share knowledge of the following:

  • Career, life and business planning
  • Brave, frank advice and feedback when required/requested
  • Role model leadership
  • Confidential professional and personal goal setting
  • GROW coaching/mentoring model

Ask me how to tap into this mentoring and coaching resource and how you can learn and develop while you also facilitate the development of others.

To the point and doesn’t waste valuable time

Adam Stafford

Tim is not only expert within his field – he is trustworthy and inspiring to work with.

His experience and business savvy has been a great aide to how Fresh Egg has grown over the years. Tim is to the point and doesn’t waste valuable time.

Tim has been a great mentor and offers support at so many different levels. He is a pleasure to work with…

Adam Stafford

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