Recruit Or Transform?

Your business is growing – you provide exciting products or services, you’re winning new contracts and you have a skilled delivery team – but you can’t keep up with demand! Should you recruit or transform?

So the obvious solution is to recruit to meet this new peak in demand and each one after. But is this really the right approach?

If you can find a way to take a step back and make a critical evaluation of your situation, there might be other, more innovative ways to supply that demand.

By taking a holistic view of your business, you could identify alternative ways of getting things done, that with a bit of imagination and attention, could transform the way you work and take your business to the next level.

Consider the different ways in which your products and services could be performed

  • Instead of increasing headcount, might you be better off investing in a technology or process?
    If you have team members performing certain aspects of your business in a very hands-on way, take a look at the alternative software options available.
  • Could there be some tangible cost savings by leveraging the standardised systems and processes an out-sourced service provider could give you?
    Payroll and accounting functions are typical areas of the business that can benefit from the experience of established shared service providers.
  • Taking a really critical eye, are there some areas of your business that on closer inspection, just don’t fit in with your offering any longer?
    Maybe the cost to provide doesn’t stack up and in actual fact, a review of the clients on your books is called for.

So, if you feel like you’re on a recruitment hamster wheel, perhaps now is the time re-evaluate whether you should recruit or transform.

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