stressed person holding their head in their hands - gaslighting at work

Gaslighting At Work

How do you manage gaslighting at work? It’s a common form of psychological abuse in romantic relationships, but gaslighting is also a problem in our workplaces. “Didn’t you get my email? We moved the meeting …

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three women at a table, one talking, one listening and one not paying attention. Listening Skills in leadership and coaching by Tim Mackew

Listening Skills In Leadership And Coaching

I want to talk about two really important skills when it comes to leadership, and specifically in the context of coaching and mentoring, and those are listening skills and questioning skills. You can watch the …

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Top Five Commercial Strategic HR Metrics - two men in an office, one in a suit pointing at a laptop screen

Top Five Commercial Strategic HR Metrics

In order to achieve true business impact, SME’s should be measuring the following top five commercial strategic HR metrics as they are critical performance indicators that will positively affect an organisation’s sustainable competitive advantage and …

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Ten Tips for How To Be A Great Boss - woman and a man in business suits sat at a desk smiling

Ten Tips for How To Be A Great Boss

People don’t leave bad jobs; they leave bad bosses. It makes great fodder for after-work gripe sessions, but is there really any data to back the claim up? As it turns out, there’s a ton. …

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Several hands placed on top of each other to signify team spirit

Attract and Retain Staff

To attract and retain staff you need to consider the top 5 things that strongly and significantly predict higher levels of engagement with work: Being trusted and valued Managers being concerned with developing individuals and …

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Stop This ‘Soft Skills’ Bullshit!

There should be super stars in every team. People who don’t shirk responsibility when the chips are down, influencers and persuaders, sensitive people with insight, who never seem to lose hope, people with “soft skills”. …

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Culture Smashes Absenteeism

Do you know how company culture can smash absenteeism? Over the last few years I have worked with an Australian client in manufacturing / engineering / distribution sector and in September 2018 we used a …

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