In order to achieve true business impact

Employers should be measuring five critical Strategic HR performance indicators that will positively affect their organisation’s sustainable competitive advantage and profitability.

I will work with you on these and

  • Build a great team of talented people who understand and deliver leadership as a behaviour, not simply a job title.
  • Who engage their skills and behaviours with commercial goal achievement whilst staying true to the company values.
  • Deliver sustainable competitive advantage by continuous performance improvement.
  • Turn every member of your workforce into an active participant and not simply an onlooker.
  • Culture defeats strategy, every time. Culture eats strategy for breakfast and so on… (yawn but it’s true)

You may also find my article Culture Smashes Absenteeism an interesting read.

Business performance improved and could be measured

Mark Neal

We used Tim to both manage change in our business as well as provide a comprehensive training and development programme to our senior and middle management teams.

The results were tangible in that business performance improved and could be measured against, and attributed to, the training and mentoring that Tim and his team provided.

I can honestly say that things that were taught and learnt have stuck with me and will always be used. I simply wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tim.

Mark Neal

Developing Great Leaders

Developing great leaders means that firstly, you must know yourself… Establish how to work most effectively together as a leadership team and as leaders of their teams. Leadership is a behaviour not simply a job title

Developing Great Teams

As an MBTI certified practitioner, team development and leadership expert, I can help you understand yourself, your team and how to work effectively together...

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