Talent Selection To Maximise Success

I’ve been in recruitment for a long time and over the years have seen how getting the whole end to end process right, can really enhance a business.

By investing in your recruitment strategy, you can realise sustainable, tangible results.

Here are 7 steps I believe will maximise your success in selecting the best talent.

  1. Employer Brand
    Recruiting according to your culture and strategy will see high-quality outputs, morale and staff retention.
  2. Talent Search
    Getting this right not only adds to your positive image, but it also attracts the right kind of people for your organisation and gives you access to both passive and pro-active candidates.
  3. Screening
    Assessing skills and behaviour through specifically designed on-line testing templates really do aid in identifying genuine behavioural attributes.  Combined with initial telephone or video screening, this step is a time-efficient and effective filtering process.
  4. Interviewing
    Investing time and resources to maximise the results of this step will remove reliance on ‘gut-feeling’ – an approach too many are guilty of.  The interview should be a positive experience that challenges candidates to meet your requirements in a constructive way where they can demonstrate their best attributes.
  5. References
    Taking the time to verify the reputation and background of your candidate will confirm their integrity and alignment with your business values.  It is also a demonstration of your organisation’s high standards!
  6. Offer Management
    It’s a competitive environment and great people are hard to find.  Real talent will have options!  Experience in facilitating alignment of expectations and contract negotiation will make a big difference.
  7. On-boarding
    Good on-boarding programmes maintain and develop motivation, grow competence and retain the best people for longer.

Finding great people can be risky and definitely requires an investment of time.  But following these steps will see your business get a competitive advantage through a talented and loyal workforce.